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A little about Search Engine Optimization


Well, I wanted to get my first post about SEO in.

Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most important things that currently affects today’s websites. It’s kind of funny. Some people think its just a magic pill you take (or buy) for your website and you are mystically vaulted to the top of Google and Yahoo’s search indexes, ahead of the other 10 BILLION web pages on the internet.

How little they know.

SEO is one thing. Hard work. It takes alot of time and dedication to do well in search engines. This is because Google and Yahoo change the rules almost daily. Oh, and they dont tell you what the rules really are either. So its a game you play. They change the rules, you try to figure them out and implement them.

Ah, but really, thats the fun part. Its always challenging. And the best part, when you suceed, you are rewarded with increased earnings and traffic on your website.

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