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What the hell is wrong with Google?

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While reading threads at Digital Point, I came across this post……

The traffic was good from Google and it didn’t change a lot up and down and I was pretty pleased with it. Could have been better but since Google was the only one (99.9%) sending me traffic it wasn’t too bad.

I have people signing up for free advertising and if they want to pay extra for a better place with image and stuff then they could do that so it was a pretty good business, I thought.

Now Big Daddy came along and from there is has just gone down and down and down…….. Old pages I used 5-6 years ago started to show up in ther search results, new and old pages showed up as supplemental pages, one day I had 45,000 pages indexed, next day 5 pages. I searched for the keywords I have been using for years but I had to scroll down to page 55 to even find my site while there were hundreds of sites above that with strange domain names and just MFA sites, spam sites with stolen/scraped content from my site ranked better than my sites was with the original content.

A couple of weeks back I lost 50% of my visitors overnight and then yeasterday I lost another 45% so now I am back to the year 2000 when the sites was kinda new.

I have regained some visitors from Yahoo and MSN which is kinda strange since they never used to show up before so it seems that all of them are doing upgrades so I’ll probably loose visitors to my other sites that only has MSN sending me traffic….

All of this sucks big time and there is nothing we can do but sit around and wait until it is all over, if ever.

I am wondering how many of us changed a lot (SEO) on our sites after Big Daddy and Matt’s lies about what we could do and couldn’t do. Would be interesting to know how many of us scrwed up our own sites just because of that. I did not change a lot but a little, because that was the thing to do. Don’t link here, don’t link there, don’t do this and don’t do that or else you are a bad boy and you can’t play with us anymore in our sandbox……

Now we probably have to close our business if the traffic doesn’t pick up within a couple of days and doing business online for 6 years will be just a memory.

Many webmasters are having the same complaints. The index has been in flux for months. Indexed pages go up and down – then get shifted to ‘Supplemental Results”. Rankings that have been there for years, now are dissappearing, replaced by spammer sites.

It just makes no sense.

Some webmasters are swearing off Google.

What the hell is Google thinking?

They are destroying their credibility with webmasters. I think they forget, webmasters are a big part of their community.

My Lincoln vs Cadillac site ranked in the top 10 for the term ‘Cadillac’ for over a year, along with Cadillac Forums. No more. Both sites are gone from the serps for that keyword.

lets look at the results for the term “vBulletin”. What a mess. Tivo Forum – Hard Forum – nV News forum – none of which have anything to do with vBulletin except that they use that script. 2 listings from Security Focus, which BREIFLY discusses a security concern in vBulletin, and a few thers that are not helpful for anyone that is interested in vBulleitn. IMO only 3 of the top ten sites belong anywhere in the top 100.

Google is broken. Plain and simple, and I am tired of their BS. Its time for Yahoo to step up – they are positioned right to take over – IF they play things smart and make some heavy investmentin expanding their network.

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Is Ford killing the Lincoln Town Car?

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With Ford’s Wixom assembly plant – the only source for Lincoln cars over the past half-century – slated for closure in 2007, the assumption was that the Town Car would join its Panther platform brethren at the company’s St. Thomas, Ontario plant. Ford, however, has informed the Canadian Auto Workers union that it should not expect the arrival of Lincoln’s last “traditional” luxury car. Since a move to any other North American plant would require extensive retooling, it’s extremely unlikely that the luxo-barge will continue production at all.

Expect the Town Car to be replaced with the MKS, which will be an AWD unibody sedan based on the same platform that underpins the Ford Five Hundred. Even if such a vehicle is successful at retaining the Town Car’s elderly customer base, those in the livery business are likely wondering where to go now for a full-size body-on-frame luxury car. The Ford Crown Vic and Mercury Marquis are expected to continue production until 2010, after which the future of those big sedans is also in question.

[Source: Automotive News/Autoweek] 

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