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Starting Work on the Laundry Room

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So – Im getting ready to start work on the laundry room. I cleaned it up today removing everything that I could. I even removed one wall since it was uneven and “purple”.  Naturally, I took a couple of photos so you can see the start of the project.

 Laundry Room 1 Laundry Room 2 Laundry Room 3 

(Click Images to see larger image)

The plan is to stud out, insulate and drywall the whole room. Then install counters and cabinets around the room. Unfortunately, I cant really do much with the ceiling but clean it up. Maybe I can paint it black or something, but thats about it. Too may conduits to move.

Also planned, is a new sink. I cant stand those cheap plastic sinks, which is what we have. The new sink will also have a sprayer so that you can easily give a small dog a bath in the sink. I will also be doing something with the floor. Im still contemplating this and will most likely install a simple and inexpensive vinyl floor. Easy to keep clean is what im looking for in this room.

I also will be dramatically improving the lighting by replacing the 4 bulb fixtures that hang down with 4 fluorescent fixtures which will be mounted in the ceiling joists. What the photos dont show is the furnace & water heater off in an alcove on the one side. This area will be enclosed as well to complete the finished space.

In the photos you’ll see our brand new washer and dryer, a housewarming gift from my Father and StepMother.  Thanks Guys!

Someone recently asked me why I am bothering with this. Well, a few reasons. First, I really dont like the dank, dusty room. Its cold and dirty and I want to fix that. Second, I would like it to be nicer with some custom amenities I have thought up, like better storage for laundry baskets, large counters where you can fold clothes, and a few other things.

One more reason. I believe the laundry room is themost overlooked room in the house when it comes to home improvement. Why? Well, its well known that the woman of the house usually decides if the house will be purchased and I have to surmise that a nicely done laundry room that will make her job easier will increase the value of the home. In this case we have the luxury of a large room for laundry, about 13×13, and its located off the basement, which I will be finishing soon. So for a family this could be ideal where Mom can do laundry, be comfortable, while the kids play in the finished basement / family room.

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New Feature

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I have a new feature on my blog that will automatically let you know when I make a new post.  

As you may notice, I am making some upgrades and changes to my blog appearance and functionality. So please, excuse the dust while I remodel my blog a little.


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