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Buying a house – What an ordeal


Ive been a bit busy lately, and havent posted alot.

Ive made an offer on a house, my first home. The offer was accepted and we are just awaiting financing.

Here are some pics: House Photos

Now I know, the colors inside are HIDEOUS. Most of the interior needs to be painted. Deep Red, Black, Green, Blue. Geeze. While looking at a number of houses we came to refer to this one as the Crayola House. How could someone do that to a home they are trying to sell? Whats more… Its actually freshly painted!

Crayola House

But, I got a decent deal on the house. Whats more important to me, was that there was nothing that HAD to be repaired. 90% of the things I dont like in this house are cosmetic. The roof and foundation are in great shape, the house is tight and dry. The windows in the house are just about 5 years old, as are the furnace, water heater and air conditioning. So many of the homes I looked at needed a new roof, or a new heating system, or something expensive immediately. I didnt want to have to spend extra right away just to make the house livable.

Naturally, I have many ideas floating around my head. Almost too many to deal with. This is the kind of thing that really makes me miss my Mom. I lost her 2 years ago to cancer. Mom had great taste, and yet could still think outside of the box and consider all the problems, limitations and thoughts when it came to planning a room. I think she missed her calling and should have been a designer.

So, soon, I will own my first home. I think I chose the right house, but only time will tell.

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