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Changed Car Insurance


Well, after I almost wrecked my Lincoln Mark VIII, I called my insurance company, AAA Chicago insurance. To say the least, I was not happy with their answer. Even though the damage was caused my the original act of and attempted theft, which would have been covered by comprehensive insurance, AAA said the car was moving when the damage was actually caused, so its covered under collision. Well, naturally my deductible for collision is $1000 (comp was only $50) and the repairs were about $900. So much for the usability of my insurance.

 Being unhappy with their answer I decided to look around a little for other insurance. My 6 month AAA Chicago premium bill came in for $833.00. This is for liability on my 3 Lincolns, and full coverage on the 1998 Mark VIII. I did an online quote with Geico Insurance.

They quoted – $475 for 6 months….. 43% less… For exactly the same coverage as AAA Chicago. I chose to up my policy limits to 500,000, add full coverage to my Continental and drop the collision deductible to $250. ALl that and my 6 month rate was only $705.00!  Still $130.00 less for six months!

So, I have to advice – take a look at your insurance, and consider changing to Geico.


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