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Dedicated Server Coming


Time has come, I have to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Ive been waiting for this for some time. I am using a managed dedicated option, but buying my own server.

This is all a bit new for me. Ive been on shared hosting and currently on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) – But the time has come. In the coming weeks, I will move my sites, one by one, to the new server.

Ok, so here is the server I am about to order.

1U Opteron Dual-Core 165 /2G /2xGb NICs /2x 250G RAID Edition RAID1

Pre-installed Dual-core Processor:
single AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 1.8Ghz
2x 1M L2 Cache, On-die Memory Controller

Pre-installed Motherboard:
Supermicro H8SSL-i Socket 939 Server Board
ServerWorks HT1000 Chipset
IPMI 2.0 Interface Card available

Pre-installed 1U Optimized CPU Cooling:
Dynatron A51 1U Copper Passive Heatsink
2x Delta 5000rpm 10cm System/CPU Blowers
Custom-fit “Wind Tunnel” (CSE-PT113)

Pre-installed RAM:
major brand 2048M(2G) 128-bit Dual-Channel
DDR-400 PC-3200, 2x 1G, 2x open, 8-Gig Max

Included Storage Devices:
2pcs Western Digital 250G SATA RAID Edition
WD2500SD, 7200rpm, 8-Meg Buffer, Hot-swap

Pre-installed Hardware RAID Controller:
3Ware Escalade 8006-2LP RAID Controller
2x 250G SATA hardware RAID-1, 250G Capacity

Included Removable Media Device
24x Slim CD-ROM, no floppy drive

Embedded Dual Gigabit NICs:
on-board Broadcom BMC5704C dual Gigabit NICs

Embedded Video:
on-board ATI Rage Video, 8M Video RAM

Chassis/Drive Bays/Cooling/Power Supply:
SuperMicro SC811T-260 1U Rackmount Chassis
2x hot-swap SATA carriers & backplane
1x slim CD bay, 1x open FDD bay
2x 5000rpm 10cm System Blower Fans
Custom-fit “Wind Tunnel” (CSE-PT113)
SuperMicro 260watt 1U Power Supply

Included Rack Mount Accessories:
Supermicro CSE-PT08 Rail Kit Included
2x Sliding Rails / 6x Brackets / Screws

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