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Immigration – What to do


There is lots of debate about this lately. I am amazed by how much debate. To me the issue is simple. We need to secure our borders. PERIOD. This should have been done 5 years ago at least.

So, what to do. President Bush has his plan, and, on its face, its not bad. But I suspect its little more then a dog and pony show in order to boost his poll numbers.

I think we should do the following.

    Secure the border. Use military or whatever method necessary;
    Issue an ID card to all non citizens elegible to work;
    Develop a better system of verifying Social Security numbers and other ID so emplyers have no excuse like “how could we know he was illegal” – If we can verify a credit card number, we can verify a Social Security Number;
    Next, come down hard on employers with illegal immigrants in their employ;
    If an illegal immigrant is caught for the second time in this country, give them a prison sentence. Maybe a year or 2. Use those prisoners to build a fence or perform other labor intended to keep them out;
    Also, if caught in this country illegally more then once, the person is inelegible for citizenshiip, permanantly;
    Moreover, any application for legal status should be required to be made at the embassy located in their home country.
    A Guest worker program should be developed. However, they should pay higher taxes. Perhaps permit no deductions on their W-2.

I have been in the restaurant business most of my life. This business relies on hispanic employees. It is common for a manager to look at the ID presented by a employment applicant and send them away with the notice “get better ID” Its also common for these employees, when hired, to claim an outrageous number of exemptions. They tend to claim 4, 6 or even more children so they pay as little in taxes as possible.

This MUST be fixed now. These people are here illegally. Lets not forget that. Its not fair to the people who play by the rules to give the illegals any form of amnesty.

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