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Moving sites to the new Dedicated Server


For the past week, I have been moving sites to the new Dedicated Server.

The process is actually pretty simple. Its not much more then performing the transfer in my cPanel and changing the nameservers. For the forums its a little more complicated because I have to let users know we’re moving and that posts on the old server wont transfer to the new once the site has been copied.

SO, what I have been doing is this…

    I transfer the files to the new server;
    I make a post explaining the transfer;
    I place an ANNOUNCEMENT statement (linking to the post) in the navbar template, so it comes up on all pages;
    I change the nameservers;

What this does is leave the server change notice on the old server, so when a user comes to the new server they no longer get that message. This lets them know the DNS has propagated and they are good to go.

Anyway – I have one site left to move. But Im going to wait a few days for that as its my biggest and busiest site.

Dedicated Server

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