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The Western White House?


U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza held a press conference today and discussed The draft United Nations resolution, written by the United States and France, calls for “the immediate cessation by Hezbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations.”

Big deal. More UN bs, in my opinion.

What caught my eye, and my attention, was the photo. Secretary Rice gave the press conference in Crawford, Texas, where President Bush has a home and ranch, and is currently there on vacation.

Western White House, Crawford Texas

When did we get a “Western White House”?

I don’t remember this. But, there it is, the official seal of the United States President and the title “The Western White House” in Crawford Texas.

Does this president know no end to his arrogance? What makes him think he can just designate his Texas ranch the “Western White House”? I am so tired of President Bush just doing whatever he wants regardless of the Law or tradition or anything else. It’s like he has no respect for the office of the President, and just will use it as he sees fit. Many western residences of past presidents have had the nickname “The Western White House” but the official plaque that has been made for the Crawford Ranch just seems to have gone too far.

One even has to question if Crawford is an appropriate place for the President to spend time. Crawford’s official motto is “1295 miles from Washington DC, 97% White, and ARMED TO THE TEETH!” — Is this the image we want for our country?

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