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Chicago Velocity

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Well, I did it again. I have another new website/forum.

 Chicago Velocity

This is a site that has been around for about 5 years. I just completed the purchase. Its a car forum for Chicago area people. I have alot of work to do to really make it into something great, but im sure it can be done. After all, thats what I do.. 🙂

 Bathroom update. Things are moving slow. My elbow is pretty trashed and Im on some medication to help it along. But, the bathroom is progressing. I am hoping to be installing the tub this week, and doing the tile next week.

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Bathroom Remodel Started –

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As I promised a few days ago – I started the bathroom remodel today. Several hours of work got the tub enclosure area free of all tile and most of the plaster. I left one wall of plaster because I need to cut the plaster & lath straight so the new wall of drywall and tile backer board can be blended to the old plaster and lath. You can see here how much debris just this small amount of wall created. That is actually the second full garbage can.

Bathroom Remodel

and now – all cleaned up:

As you can tell by the hammer – I started to try to remove the bathtub. Being that it’s cast iron, it was pretty heavy, so I’ll have to wait for my buddy Dave to help pull that out. Yes, we’ll be removing it in one piece. Cast iron tubs are very hard to cut and very hard to break – so pulling it out in one piece is the only real way to do it. Hmm — Might make a nice garden planter in the yard…

I broke some of the existing ceramic floor tile to investigate what was beneath. You can see 3 layers. The current tile, below it is an old asphalt tile floor, and beneath that is a real old mosaic tile which was most likely original to the house. That makes it 80 years old!  Shame I cant restore that..

Here is a cross section of the walls I’m dealing with. You can see the plaster and lathe on the right – and then you see a layer of drywall and then, what im guessing another laywer of plaster topped off by wallpaper and then paint. Lots of changes for this bathroom over the years. Im not sure what I’ll be able to do here. Im hoping to take the floor down to the mosiac, but I may have to pull the entire floor and put down a new subfloor…  Ugh – not fun.

A real dissappointing find as well, no insulation in the exterior wall. (seen here between the horizontal boards)

This means its not likely ANY of the walls in the house are insulated. A tough fix. About the only logical way to fix that issue is to reside the house at some point and in the process to use a foam board insulation on the exterior of the house under the new siding. Not a cheap proposition, but one I expected to do at some point.

SO, thats day one of the bathroom remodel. This is the first of 3 bathroom remodels by the way. Also – the fixtures arrived today. The new whirlpool tub, toilet and vanity. ALthough, Home Depot delivered the wrong size vanity, and will be switching them tomorrow. I have to say this for Home Depot, they do make mistakes, but they rectify them without complaint. When I put in the Sliding Glass Doors, they sent the wrong doors, which we didnt learn until the install was almost complete. Home Depot not only replaced the doors the next day, but also credited me 50% of the door price for my troubles. I am really impressed with their customer service.

More to come…….. Hope all is well…



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