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A little about Salesmanship

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How about a little joke first –



Two Mexicans are standing on opposite sides of the road, each holding signs.  One keeps having cars stop and gets money, the other isn’t getting a single person to stop.  Finally the one with poor luck says, hey, what are you doing to get all those cars to stop.  My sign says how I am homeless and have no food.  The other Mexican says, you are doing it all wrong, read my sign:


"I just need $10 more to get back to Mexico"



There is a great marketing moral to this joke. To sell successfully, you have to put your sales pitch in a way that makes what the buyer wants.


We all sell. Maybe your selling your forum to new members, or selling a product on your website. Or selling your point of view in a political debate at the coffee shop. Whatever the case, your selling. To successfully sell, you need to put yourself in the other guy’s shoes and figure out what he needs or wants so you can tell him how your product or service fits that need or want.


Something I have had to explain to many people, is that just because you think your site looks good, doesnt mean others will. A perfect example is loud obnoxious colors in your website design. Bold greens, hot pink, etc. It might look cool, but its annoying to most people. They wont ever see what your site is really about. You have to sell your site to them. Give them what they want as best you can and show them how they get what they want from your site, and you’ll be successful.

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Branding Your Blog

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I mentioned a few posts ago, that I am in the process of working toward branding my blog. Interestingly enough, John Chow just had a post on his blog about doing just that. I was pleased to see that pretty much everything he talks about are things I have either planned or in process. I thought this was a good topic to talk about a little more. Most of my projects have involved forums and that has been my area of expertise, so I am learning about blogs as I go. Interestingly, many of the same principles apply to blogs, soIhave a leg up.


I have a new logo in the works. I am pretty happy with it and we are just making minor changes and tweaks to it. I also have a blog designer working on the new theme for this site. Both will help give this site a good solid ‘look’. What you want with a blog such as this really is differentiate yourself from the millions of other blogs out there. Your blog appearance is step one of doing that. The next thing you need to do is demonstrate some expertise in something people want to read about. That will be the next step. The first part of that step will be creating a powerful "About The Author" page. Im not sure how I want to go about that yet. I feel like its bragging, which is not something I want to do. But, I have some ideas that maybe wont look like bragging. So stay tuned.



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