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More about PageRank – Yawn

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So, how about a little bit more about pagerank.

Everyone seems to be running around trying to figure out what to do about the major pagerank decreases many sites have seen.

There is an interesting post on BlogStorm

If you lost PR this week ask yourself these questions:

  • How many links did you have from blogrolls?
  • How many directories linked to you?
  • How many links did you have from sites that sold links?
  • How many links did you have from sites that got links from sites that sold links?
  • How many links did you have from sites that got their links from sites that got links from directories?

People are looking at their site for the answers but if you understand how PR is calculated its clear that the issue probably extends far deeper than your site and even the sites that directly link to you.

If the sites right at the bottom of the chain such as directories and low quality blogs all start to lose PR it affects every single site on the web

This is right on the money in my opinion. Whenever Google Pagerank is changed, it affects ALL websites. The reason for this is that PR doesnt exist in a vaccum. All sites affect all other sites. Even sites you havent even heard of affect your site. They link to someone, who links to someone, who links to someone who links to you. If that first website’s PR drops, all the others do as well. This drop might be unnoticable to you in and of itself, but when a large number of sites are affected, the process snowballs and affects everyone.

This is a big part of why you see tremendous drops in PR. Some sites that were a PR 7 for years, went from a PR7 to a PR3.

I suspect the results were not what Google really intended. I say this because if this was Google’s attempt to stop link sales, why wouldnt they publicize it more? Why wouldnt Google say – "Hey –  if you want your pagerank back, remove all paid links and submit a renclusion request." Why is Google not telling us what to do?   Simple – because it isnt over yet. They are still making changes to the PR algo.

Truth is – I believe at this point ONLY toolbar pagerank was affected. The real PR of websites, was not. This is why there are no significant ranking changes.

But, as I said in my previous post. Who cares. Google made yet another mess. Big Deal. My only wish is that another search engine would step in and give Google some real competition. Right now, Google operates without real competition, which is bad for the internet.

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Google Pagerank – Who Cares? Not me.

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So, we had alot of turmoil with Google pagerank in the last 2 weeks.


I read about it on almost every blog and forum I go to. Some people are near panic, seeing their pagerank drop dramatically, then drop yet again, and yet again. My thoughts on this are simple.


Google is broken. What else is new.


Google breaks it’s own rule on this one. According to the Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines we should "Make pages for users, not for search engines." – Yet we are told though Matt Cutts that we should use rel=nofollow tags if we are selling links. Guess what Google. Kiss my ass.


Yeah, thats right. I said it.  Kiss my ass Google.


Why do I make such a blunt statement? Simple. Many very important, relevant and prominant sites lost alot of pagerank on this update, or penalty or whatever it is. But search rankings held. Do you really think these sites are going to freely give up the income that paid links provides? Nope. Some sites charge hundreds of dollars a month for a link. And dont kid yourself. People buy links for reasons besides PR transfer. People buy links for traffic as well. I buy links from time to time and its mainly for the traffic the link might provide. And if Google next decides to penalize search result rankings, guess what? They will wreck their index and be forced to start showing less relevant and less popular sites as top in the SERPS. Hell, and even took big hits to their PR. Wanna drop them from your search index too Google?


 Barry Schwartz of SEO Roundtable says it best:

I trust my sponsors, I value their sponsorships and I couldn’t do what I do without their financial support. Some sponsors can’t afford huge sponsorships, so they sponsor in their ways. It is what enables this site and many other sites to function and operate on a daily basis. I turn down sponsors all the time because they are simply not relevant or useful to my reader. I hand select them and for them to be on my site, means I trust them. Why nofollow someone you trust and want to thank? Is that a slap in their face? Will I have to and will they continue to sponsor? Time will tell.


In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for Yahoo to jump into the fray. Google may be all powerful, but it isnt the whole internet. I sometimes think Google forgets the strength of the webmasters in all this and the strength of it’s pagerank feature from a  marketing standpoint. While we all sweat PR updates, we are all talking about Google. Its free marketing. And there is only one reason to give a rats ass about pagerank… It is an indication of your website’s value for link sales. Thats it. Pagerank has no or a minimal affect on a website’s ranking in the search engine. To me its little more then a gold star on my spelling paper. Who cares.


Aaron Wall , the Author of SEO Book, said:

Since Google is demoting PageRank’s viability as a site’s global authority score perhaps this is a time for Yahoo to bring back WebRank, or Ask to launch something like CommunityRank. The Google-webmaster relationship is fraying. This presents an opportunity for whoever wants to take it.


Many webmasters I have talked to are pissed. I say to hell with PR. I hope Yahoo gets smart and comes out with something similar right now. I bet they can snatch the spotlight from Google. Personally, I think Google needs to be taken down a few notches. Evernotice how everything Google does is intended to penalize the very same people who provide it with a substantial portion of its profitability? Go ahead Google, start penalizing rankings next and watch your adsense revenue drop. Lets call it — SmartPricing, in reverse.




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