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RC Airplane – JET! I want one!

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Wow – I know this is off topic, but this was so cool I thought I would share.

Built out of kevlar and carbon fiber, this miniature figher jet can reach speeds upwards of 280 M.P.H. The models use small jet turbines, functionally identical to those used in actual full-sized jets to achieve remarkable speeds and flying precision.




I did some looking around and found this video of a model B-52 Bomber. Awesome 8 engine jet model requires two people to fly and control this jet. Each jet engine reportedly cost $1,500 a piece. It’s safe to say, you won’t find this model at Toys R US. God these things are cool.


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Ive been asking for people to review this blog on a few websites. The results have been interesting. Many people commented on the overall site design and site appearance. One person on digitalpoint, Lhlalyam,  gave a very thourough review:

I had a look at your website today. Very impressive site design.

My Thoughts

Domain Name
Very easy and catchy. Good on ya… in getting a domain name that goes with your own name.

I love the logo. I would only recommend enlarging the ‘’ slightly. Right now… I can barely read it.

I had a look at your template with 3 different browsers and they all worked well. Good to see that you put so much work into making it work with cross platforms.

Photos Page
I was a bit confused when I went to your photos page. The template widen to full page and the top right navigation buttons changed. Would it be possible to keep the template and navigation consistent throughout the site?

Book Store
I also found this page a little off from the others. I think it was the ‘Popular Articles’, ‘Recent Comments’ and ‘Top Moneymakers’… that was missing… I would recommend keep some of the stuff… for visitors ease of navigation and familiarity.

Contact Form
It works!

The content of your site is excellent. Good to read a site that has excellent content.

W3C Validation
I’m not to sure if it is a concern for you. But I did do a test with W3C validation and it came up with 32 errors.

Very impressive site… just a few things to touch up.

This review was done with 3 browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer 6.02 & Opera 9.24) on Windows XP SP2.

The other comment I noticed was a few people felt I should post more. I can tell you, this is my intention. I am still getting used to posting frequently and staying on topic. I am really trying to refrain from posting about my personal life or politics, which is one of my favorite topics. But its taking some getting used to. My intention is to get up to about 10 posts per week on average. Aside from that, thank you all who have commented. Please feel free and encouraged  to leave comments here about how I can improve this blog.

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