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Sub Domains Considered The Same As Folders By Google

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Sub Domains To now be Considered The Same As Folders By Google?

Tedster from Webmaster World said:

News flash from Las Vegas PubCon. Matt Cutts informed us that Google will very soon begin treating subdomains and subdirectories the same in this fashion: there will be only 2 total urls from a domain in any set of search results, so no more getting 3, 4 or however many spots via subdomains. We didn’t get any more information than just that basic heads-up.

An interesting question is what will happen to people from BlogSpot? If this happen what will be the blogspot subdomains owners? There are thousands of people who opens blogs with blogspot and their address will be “” which is under a subdomain. They may now lose their rankings, although, much of their rankings really are not earned. They really leach PR off of blogspot.

But thinking positive, there are many spammers on blogspot to earn some good backlinks gaining an unfair SEO advantage by opening blogspot with no quality posts.

Personally, I like the idea. I dont use subdomains myself because I feel they are generally unecessary. But it does give an SEO advantage. For example – if you look do a Google search for "vBulletin" you see the following:

My site, vBulletin-FAQ, is only outranked by official Google websites and Wikipdia – but vBulletinSetup has 2 listings on page one because of the usage of a subdomain. It’s not 2 different sites, but Google has always treated them as such. I see many examples of this and hope this will level the playing field.



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WordPress 2.3.2 has been released

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WordPress 2.3.2 has been released and includes a number of changes including one security fix, here is a list of most of the changes in detail:

  • Performance improvements for post sanitization when raw content is required (#5325).
  • Changes to is_admin() to ensure that it is only true for admin pages thereby protecting against exposing draft posts. (#5487).
  • Suppression of database errors unless WP_DEBUG is true (#5473).
  • Check for valid database connection information during install and display and error if the install fails due to database rights (#5495).
  • Support for a custom database down page to be displayed on database connection errors (#5500).
  • Changes to make sure we are more selective in what we make clickable, this introduces different rules for different uri types ([6450]).
  • Changes to wp-mail.php to escape the error messages when displaying them to avoid a possible XSS attack (#5484).
  • Changes to ensure that the post password is only exposed by the xmlrpc method metaWeblog.getRecentPosts to users with rights to edit a post (#5535).
  • Changes to the information exposed the wp.getAuthors xmlrpc method to reduce the information exposed and add a capabilites check (#5534).
  • Addition of extra capabilites checks to xmlrpc methods ([6504]).
  • Addition of extra capabilites checks to APP server ([6508]).
  • Changes to validate_file() to improve its traversal attempt detection when running on windows ([6521]).

For a complete list of all the changes you can read this section of the branches/2.3 log.

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