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Did Shoemoney Cheat?


Welcome to November, 2007

Just a little more about Google Pagerank – not only have the SERPS for my sites not been affected, but all but two advertisers renewed their ads for November. So, nothing has been affected so far for me except toolbar Pagerank. At this point, I am going to continue doing things as I have been, which is following the basic Google rule – design pages for readers, not for search engines. I’m not putting nofollow tags on everything just because of Google’s PR, at least not at this point. I am in a wait and see pattern right now because I am convinced Google will have to change how this filter / penalty works.

Now, I have something else for everyone. Many website owners, especially forum administrators, would like personalized clothing to sell to their members. I found a company that can do hats, polo shirts, jackets and other items for a reasonable price and doesnt require a minimum number of pieces for an order. You can order just 1 jacket if you like. I have had a few jackets made up for a few of my sites and you can see photos of the Jackets in the Joeychgo Photo Gallery — For more information on how to get stuff for your website call Jim at Champs Clothing – 708-277-5067, Let him know Joeychgo sent you.

Shoemoney won the Battle of the Bloggers with 7,170 new RSS readers for his blog. I found it interesting to see how both he and John Chow handled the end of the contest. John Chow, on his announcement that he lost had this to say:

Did Shoemoney Cheat?

I’ve been bombarded with tons of IM pages asking if Shoemoney cheated or game FeedBurner. He managed to gain more readers in one day than he did the entire month. I will leave it up to you to decide if there was any underhandedness going on. I will only say that Shoe is a lot more evil than I gave him credit for. :twisted:

Shoemoney in the meantime, had a much more humble approach. In his post he said:

So who won? IMHO we both win. It was great publicity for both of us and we both gained thousands of RSS subscribers. Officially I won the contest, but I think the REAL winner will be revealed over the course of the next few months when all the people who only subscribing for the contest entries.

I think you can tell a little something about a person based on how he handles a win or a loss. Congrats Jeremy.

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