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300+ Plugins for WordPress


Wow!  Over 300 hundred WordPress Plugins in one place. Bet you want to know where?

I’m not going to tell you.

Well, not just yet. See if I posted the URL of the website, you would just ignore my little blog here and go to the 300+ plugin page. So I’m going to make you read a little bit before I give it to you.

I came across this on a post by Zhuli at the forum. They are shaping up to be a pretty nice little site there.

Back to the plugins. This is just a reference site, they dont host or support the plugins, but they list them and link to them to make them easy to find. Here are just a few of the plugins they list that I found interesting:

  • AjaxWP – Adds AJAX to all aspects of your WordPress site, which speeds up the load times.
  • WP e-Commerce – Adds a shopping cart to your WordPress powered site.
  • Digital Fingerprint – Adds a digital fingerprint to your posts so you can search the web to see if your content has been scraped.
  • EasyPayPal – Allows you to accept payments for many services including subscriptions, trial periods, and more.
  • PhotoZip – Allows you to upload a .zip file to create an image gallery.
  • PodPress – Full featured plugin for podcasters including feed generation, iTunes preview, and download stats.
  • YouTube Video Gallery – Displays thumbnails for any gallery from YouTube.
  • WP-Footnotes – Allows you to add footnotes to a more detailed post.

Oh yeah, there are a bunch of free wordpress themes on this site also.

So, wanna know where to see this wonderful list? Scroll down to my blogroll on the bottom right.   🙂

Now there is a little lesson on how to make someone read a whole post. Marketing. Remember folks, its all about marketing.


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