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40th Birthday – Who cares.


I think even I would have bet that reaching 40 would have bothered me at least a little.  Nope. It hasnt bothered me in the least. And why should it?  My health is fairly good, albeit I need to lose a few pounds and excercise some. I feel pretty good. I have all my hair, very little gray. Im at a time in my life where I feel pretty good about my professional accomplishments and even better about whats to come. What is there to stress over? 

 A nice party was trown for me on my birthday, and some of my closest friends were there. We partied late into the night and had a great time. As you can see I really dressed up for the party.


But I wasnt the only one who was well dressed. My buddy Dave was also:


 The food was great – we had about 25-30 people all together and somehow managed to not have the cops called on us despite partying into the late hours of the morning.

All in all – 40 is good. I dont feel young and dumb, and I dont feel old and tired. What else can one ask for?







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