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AuctionAds – A Great New Advertising Program for Websites



A new advertising program came out 3 months ago. AuctionAds is a program that pulls eBay auctions, inserts them into ads on your website. You in turn earn commission should someone from your site click an ad and ultimately purchase the product.

eBay thinks so much of this new program that they awarded Jeremy Schoemaker, creator of AuctionAds The “eBay Most Innovative Application-Buyer” award at its Annual Conference on June 12th.

 AuctionAds launched in March and so far have more than 18,000 publishers on board with the new model. I have been promoting this program heavily with my vBulletin FAQ members. I believe this program is a fantastic opportunity for forum owners. We have even created a AuctionAds Forum on vBulletin FAQ so that our 10,000 members can discuss strategies and implementation methods to take full advantage of this new system.

AuctionAds founder, Jeremy Shoemaker, first became famous after posting this photo of himself holding a $132,000 commission check from Google Adsense.


He immediately became a hero of the small time internet webmaster who saw how possible it is to make a significant income from the internet.

 Of course, as more people on the net become familiar with AuctionAds, a number of applications will begin to create ways to use this product. On vBulletin FAQ we have a forum modification script which automatically rewrites any ebay link a forum member posts to the site owner’s AuctionAds ID. (Rewrite eBay to AuctionAds) And because AuctionAds isnt contextual, your free to use it along with Google Adsense because it doesnt violate Google’s TOS.

In short, if your a webmaster, you really should take a look at AuctionAds as an advertising channel.


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