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Ban on Lighters on Planes Lifted



 I dont say that because I travel alot, or really care much. It was a minor inconvienance. But air travel security has become a joke.

It started years ago when they used to ask: Did you pack your luggage yourself?  Yup, top notch security there. Then they started disallowing lighers, but matches were ok. Security officers have been collecting some 22,000 lighters a day nationwide. 22,000 a DAY?  Geeze!

Kip Hawley, assistant secretary for the Transportation Security Administration, said in an interview on Thursday that the ban had done little to improve aviation security because small batteries could be used to set off a bomb. “Taking lighters away is security theater,” Mr. Hawley said. “It trivializes the security process.”

YES!!!  Someone with some common sense at the TSA?  How the hell did that happen? — Wait, I spoke too soon. As I understand it, more then 3oz of breast milk is still prohbited. So much for common sense, but its a start.

 How about this…  NO Carry on luggage that doesnt fit in your lap or under your seat. Remove the overhead bins. How much would THAT speed up travel? I cant count the number of times I’ve been stuck in the rear of the airplane and had to wait 20-30 mins for the people in front of me to figure out how to get off an airplane efficiently so I could get off. Silly me, I was ready when the plane stopped moving.



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