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Bathroom Update


Now that my elbow is better, I have been able to make progress on our bathroom remodel again…

 Good news is, I am almost done! The plumbing is done, electrical is done, tile is installed, vanity installed. Now, its mostly small things and details.

I added extra electrical because, I could. We hactually have 3 GFCI outlets in the bathroom now which should be able to serve our future needs, whatever they maybe.

dsc02555-medium.JPG dsc02554-medium.JPG

Here are a few pics. Next time I post about the bathroom will be when I have it all done. We are actually a little further along then the photos show. Everything is now grouted and the door and trim is installed, but the photos dont show that. The tiling was alot easier then I thought it would be, mostly because we didnt have to make alot of cuts. I have a few spots that we goofed the tile a little, but I bet nobody ever notices those spots. 🙂

 dsc02559-medium.JPG dsc02557-medium.JPG

dsc02560-medium.JPG dsc02562-medium.JPG

dsc02561-medium.JPG dsc02563-medium.JPG

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