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CJ / eBay / AuctionAds Reporting Issues to continue through end of year


I received an email today:

Dear Joeychgo:

The Affiliate Team wants to notify you that we are experiencing an ongoing reporting delay of up to 48 hours, affecting both Transaction Reports and Performance Reports.  The effect of this delay may be seen in Transaction Reports in the lag time between Posting Date and Event Data of daily transactions.  In Performance Reports, the delay may be seen in incomplete data for “Today” and “Yesterday”.

A small subset of our publisher base may also be affected by a separate reporting issue, which results in a delay in the calculation of the final value fee of a number of Winning Bids/BINs.  As a result, you may temporarily notice reduced revenue commission amounts for successful transactions that posted within the first few days of the month, and again at mid-month.  Note that this issue DOES NOT affect ACRU commissions or counts. 

These issues are surfacing as a result of the surge in traffic tied to the holiday shopping season.  While reporting may be distorted during these specified time periods, please rest assured that tracking and recording of transactions remains fully functional, and publishers will be compensated correctly for all commissions at month end.  These reporting issues are expected to continue through the holiday season and possibly into early 2008, but we are working diligently towards a fix.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you in the meantime.    

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the program.


The Affiliate Team


This apparantly is not only affecting general eBay affilliates but also AuctionAds affiliates as well. I find it both interesting and troubling that eBay already knows these issues will cause REDUCED revenue. Why is it that they dont make a mistake in OUR favor? Ever notice that?

Ok, well, it is what it is. Those of you who are AuctionAds customers need to know about this as well, because AuctionAds is a super ebay affilliate, and as such passes these problems through to you. Don’t blame auctionAds for this, its out of their control. eBay is the problem here. In the meantime, consider this for your upcoming CJ payments, and your eBay portion might be delayed for a month, at least in part.

Ha — Merry Christmas everyone.

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