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“Don’t Be Evil” Google


Google wants to make you believe they are "good", but many of you cynics are unconvinced by the company’s "Don’t Be Evil" slogan.

In a recent poll, 58.3 per cent of you thought that when the chips are down, Google’s own brand of ethical leadership will melt under the weight of business real politics.

Not all of you are so cynical though; 16.7 per cent thought the face of business will change as more companies seek to do good, not bad. A quarter of you thought it a silly question, and fair enough too.

Im in the 58% column. I see it already happening with things such as smartpricing and the recent text link selling penalty. Google is only out for Google these Days. You dont hear too much about Google doing more to help the individual webmaster earn more money, only about things Google does to enhance it’s own revenue. Try to place an Adwords ad, and when there are no other ads watch Google, all of a sudden, tell you that your .25 a click bid isnt good enough to have your ad placed. In one breath they tell you to improve your page quality, but, that page quality is just fine if you want to pay .40 a click. I guess page quality has a price too.

God I wish a decent competitor would show up on the landscape. Google desperately needs a competitor, and so do we.

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