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Grape Juice is Great Juice


British researchers show that purple grape juice has more antioxidants than any other juice.


Alan Crozier, of the plant biochemistry and human nutrition group at the University of Glasgow, led a team of researchers on one of the first scientific studies to show the benefits of antioxidants (molecules that reduce or stop the oxidation of other chemicals that can be dangerous to human health). They found that purple grape juice contains the most antioxidants, which are believed to help reduce premature aging and minimize heart disease and other chronically disabling diseases.

The Independent quotes Crozier: “Purple grape juice made with Concord grapes contains the highest and broadest range of ployphenols as well as having the highest antioxidant capacity. Other high-ranking produces include cloudy apple juice and cranberry juice drink.”

Polyphenols are plant compounds that provide color, flavor, and taste to fruit, vegetables, and seeds. They are a strong antioxidant that have been associated with lowering the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other such diseases due to their positive antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties.

According to the British researchers, purples grape juice contains 0.98 millimoles of antioxidants per liter, 0.67 mm/L in cloudy apple juice, 0.45 mm/L in pomegranate juice, 0.32 in cranberry, 0.30 in grapefruit, 0.26 in clear apple, and 0.12 in tropical juice. Juices made from pineapple, tomato, red grape, white grape, and orange contain less than 0.1 mm/L.

It is of note that the study was sponsored by the National Grape Cooperative Association, which is the food processing and marketing section of Welch’s Foods, Inc. of Concord, Massachusetts. The Crozier study has been published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

It is also of special note that Beaujolais red wine, according to the study, contained equal amounts of antioxidants per liter as purple grape juice.

A diet rich in fruit juice could cut the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases, according to research.


 Taken From a Different article…(eCanadaNow)

New research has shown that grape juice is most effective when it comes to heart disease and cancer prevention in people.

Grape juice was found to contain high levels of antioxidants, far more than other juices currently available. The research was done at the University of Glasgow to try and find how much this juice could help people.

They tested 13 types of juices. The most potent juice was Welch’s Purple Grape juice. This has the highest level of antioxidants which are able to help fight disease. Behind the grape juice were apple, tropical, and cranberry juices.

The leader of the study, Prof. Alan Crozier, stated that “Nutritionists recommend consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to get the antioxidants your body needs, and this can seem like a tall order,” he said.

“Using these study findings makes upping your fruit and antioxidant intake easy – just one glass of something like Concord purple grape juice counts as one of your five a day.”

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