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Hungry? Try this recipe


Ok, posting a recipe is offtopic. But, I was about to start writing a post and was looking down at my snack and thought – Hey – maybe others would like to know about this cheap and easy to make snack.

Often I find myself working and working and working. Then I dont want to really stop working to get a full dinner. So, this is something I make that is fast, easy and cheap. Now, im not into the whole Eat Healthy thing. So if you are, dont bother reading much more.

Ok – How about some great chili mac?

It easy to make. Here is how fast and simple. You need:

  • 1 box Mac n Cheese. (go ahead, cook it up)
  • 1 Can chili (whatever brand you prefer – heat per directions)
  • 1 Pkg Chili Flavored Raman Noodles. (cook these up too but remove water after cooking and before spice)

Now – Mix this all together in a big bowl. Serve with Bread and Butter if you wish. 

You can add more stuff if you like, such as jalepenos or even frito corn chips.

Feeds 2-4 people. Costs all of about $4. Takes about 15 mins to make. Quick and easy. 🙂

High protein and high carb. Lots of energy in this meal.

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