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Immigration – What to do


Those of you who know me know that Im neither republican or democrat. I just look at the issues and decide what I think about them independant of what one party or the other says.

 Immigration is one of the bigger issues of the day. I see one major flaw in just about every proposal on how to deal with it. There is little or no penalty for the illegal. They get caught, and sent back to wherever they came from. No real penalty. How can we expect to deter the flow of illegal immigrants if they have nothing to lose by coming here illegally? How can we expect them to go through the red tape of legal immagration if it is literally easier and without consequence to come here illegally?

Over the years we have had several ‘amnesties’ for those here illegally. We are always of the mindset that we will do better on border security in the future, but we never address any real consequences for those who actually break the law and cross the border. This doesnt seem fair to those who do go through the process of obtaining legitimate immigration status.

We also have the issue of the wall on the border of Mexico. Some say it wont do much good. Facts seem to say otherwise. The City of San Diego put up such a wall between themselves and Mexico. Since construction of the San Diego Border Fence began in 1996, the smuggling of people and narcotics has dropped drastically and crime rates have been reduced by 50% according to FBI statistics.

So what I would suggest, is that we create some penalties for those caught here illegally. How about a year at labor, such labor to be building and maintaining the wall we’re building. Second offence, 2 years. This would be in addition to some kind of guest worker program, and near amnesty for those already here. Guest workers should be charged tax on a paycheck per paycheck basis. In addition, allow those already here illegally to apply for legal status. If they apply in the US, they must pay a fine. or they can return to Mexico and apply from there with no fine. If caught, well, they help build the wall.

 I dont understand what all the wrangling is about with our politicians. Seems pretty simple to me.


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