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Is BlogRush all hype?


A few weeks ago, I started hearing about a new cooperative linking network called BlogRush. Jeremy Shoemaker, AKA Shoemoney, starting taking about a Great New System To Get Free Traffic. Now, I tend not to jump on every ad network that comes along before its been around a little while. The reason for this is that most fail. But I started paying attention when Jeremy talked about it again. Blog Rush is run by John Reese, a pretty well known guy in the Affiliate marketing community, so I started looking into it and planning to implement it as part of the upcoming rediesign of


Then I started seeing other bloggers including Andy Beal post about blogrush  Video: Is BlogRush Legit or a Scam?. He basically has a few posts saying he is planning to remove BlogRush because he’s not getting any real traffic from it. Same from How Is BlogRush Doing For You? Many people are complaining that Spammers and cheaters have started to inviltrated the program already. BlogRush has been trying to offset this by altering their program, manually approving blogs and adding more security measures.


Something else that concerned me was a post on DigitalPoint, BlogRush: The Official Word From Adsense where a user reports that Google Adsense sent him an email stating: "We don’t encourage or endorse the use of a program like this Thus, we’re unable to give specific advice regarding BlogRush.


SO, Im going to watch for awhile and see how this goes before I jump in.

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