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Is John Chow a Spammer?


So I subscribed to John Chow’s blog some time ago. I think so much of his writing that I list him in by blogroll. He has alot of good insight on how to make money on the internet and is a good read for anyone wishing to make money online.

Now, John Chow often talks about Forex trading. Im not a trader and know nothing about forex. I never received an email about Forex before. But now, after signing up to John Chow’s rss subscription I keep getting these spammy emails about forex trading. For example:


Dear Trader,

Last week, I alerted you to the re-release of the step-by-step
Forex Profit Accelerator course that’s totally taken the Forex
trading community by storm.

Well, if you’ve checked the website lately, then you know that
only 67 copies of the course remain and the offer will be closed
for good on Tuesday, December 18th, at 11:59pm eastern time.

See the latest inventory count here:

(Link Deleted by Joeychgo)

Now the only conclusion I can draw is that John Chow is either spamming directly or is selling his mailing lists to others. Either that or its a crazy coincidence. Personally, I think it’s wrong to sell your email lists. I am a forum owner and have probably over 100,000 emails stored from my various forum members. I think of selling email lists from such things to be analogous with email spam.  Has anyone else noticed this?

Maybe i’ll have to start reading John Cow’s blog instead (notice the spelling difference) – after all, that comes up #1 for a search of John Chow. (LOL – Google Sucks)



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