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Coming Soon
22 – Big changes coming


As you may have noticed I havent posted alot lately. My apologies for that.


There are several reasons for this. First, I updated my blogging software, and my theme wouldnt really work well with some of the changes. So, I have this temporary theme up. I am adding some features to the blog, and have hired a blog design professional to redesign


I have been working on the internet for almost 4 years now. My how time flies. Up until recently, I have not really had much of an overall strategy, but kinda jumped around from one project to the next. This summer I have done alot of thinking about how I could better plan the future in order to better expand and grow my online business further.


So in the coming weeks, you will see many changed. I plan to increase my posting considerably and plan to focus more on being a webmaster. I will still include my personal and political posting, but plan to speak alot more about being a webmaster, how to earn money online, search engine optimization, forum management and many other similar topics.


So, look forward to what I hope to be a pretty good transformation of

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