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Marketing a local Website – With a twist


So I have a new task at hand. Marketing a new blog to a local audience. Here’s the second catch. The blog (hopefully) will only be relevant for less than 3 months.  How to market this?

Let me explain a little. I live in a suburb of Chicago. Villa Park is a small suburb of about 22,000 people. Since I moved here and bought a home, I’ve become interested in local politics. Being that I have, well, a big mouth, I’ve become a bit known in the circle of local politicians. (in a good way, I think) A new issues has come up for our village, we are having a referendum in Feburary to enact home rule. I’m involved with trying to get this initiative passed and we are forming a citizens Committee for Villa Park Home Rule.

Naturally, the first thing on my mind was "We need a website!" So I registered a domain, Villa Park Home Rule, nd have started to build a blog on the domain. This site needs to be informational. Since the election is in just under 3 months, I dont have much time to do traditional offpage SEO, and that wont likely help much anyway. I dont know people are going to search for terms such as "Illinois Home Rule" and "Villa Park", so I’ll chase those keywords. One of the tricks is going to be to get local newspapers to link to us. If I can accomplish that we should be able to get the rankings and traffic to get the information out there. ANother method I think I will use is the Digital Point COOP Ad Network, since its free and quick. I’ll talk more about the DP COOP at a later date.

Anyway, so I have a pretty good challenge on my hands with this one. But that’s how we learn, through experience.


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