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New Blog Design – Joeychgo Branded


Welcome to the new and improved


Sorry I havent posted much this month. Many things have been hapening that kept me from posting. One of my best friends passed away after a motorcycle accident earlier this month. David O’Donnell was 29. His loss was tragic to say the least. Honestly, posting on the blog wasnt my top priority. At the same time, I was remodeling the blog


As you might notice, my blog has a new and improved look and many new features. For starters, I am trying to brand into a blog many webmasters, forum administrators and bloggers can come to for information and to read my spin on things. 


I also have added the Top Commentators plugin so that those of you who leave comments can battle to be listed. The way it works is simple. The more comments you ahve, the better chance you have to get a free link from this blog without a nofollow tag. The top commentators get a link. Here is the catch, your comments expire after a period of time so you have to keep posting in order to remain on the list. (spammy comments, links or BS posts WILL be deleted and you’ll get banned, so please, make the posts decent)


Also – you can now subscribe to our blog newsletter!   Please do so! You’ll get notification when I make new posts.


I have also added a photo gallery and a book store. There are a few other things I am still working on, but the basics are together. I hope you like the blog and enjoy my posting. If yo do, please consider adding to your blogroll.


So, how about some comments about the new design?




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