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Selling banner ads (part 2)


I posted about selling banner ads a few days ago. Now I thought I would explain a little more about how I do it.

Forums, blogs, etc all can use this same method for selling banner ads on your site. First thing you want to do is create an advertising page that explains your advertising rates and ad spot positions as well as things such as payment methods.

I prefer to sell ads on an annual basis, but you can sell them any way you like, monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc. I prefer an annual basis because its less work for me, and it gives the advertiser a more attractive price. You dont lose money on giving a more attractive price because if you sell monthly you will have some advertisers who only want a one month ad and they will balance out with the advertisers who pay full price for an annual ad. It all equals out, more or less but ends up with less work for you if you sell annually.

There are 2 basic types of banner ads. Static ads that are present every time the page is viewed and rotating ads that change between a number of advertisers every time the page is viewed. It is good to offer both kinds of ads so you have a range of pricing available for advertisers. Some advertisers sell products that are inexpensive and they must sell a large volume of product to pay for an ad. If you offer them an ad in rotation, they will have a lower cost since you can split the cost of the ad space among several advertisers for the same spot.

Determining price really is a guessing game in some respects. I look at similar sites with similar traffic and a similar topic and try to determine what a good price will be. All of this goes into my advertising information page.

So now you’ve made your advertising information page.  How do you find advertisers? There are 3 simple ways. First, look at similar sites and contact people who advertise on those sites. Contact them via email and link to your advertising information page. Dont forget to include a little about your site and why advertising on your site is a good idea for them. Remember, your selling. Be a salesman. The second way I find advertisers is to check the Google Adwords ads that come up on a Google search for your particular topic. These above 2 ways are good because these companies are already advertising on the web, so you know they are interested in advertising, you just have to sell them on your site. The third way is to ask your forum members for leads. You simply make a post asking your members to tell you the best places to get the products your site is based on. They will often tell you all you want to know. Now you email those companies as well.

Remember, be professional in your correspondence. Dont be spammy. You’ll get better results and you’ll find advertisers stick around much longer if they think they are dealing with a professional.

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