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Coming Soon

Starting Bathroom Remodel Soon


Already bought the tub, an American Standard whirlpool tub with heater. Bought the vanity today. Still need tile and plumbing fixtures and accessoories like the mirror, towel racks, etc..


 This will be complete renovation. I am going to be taking the room completely to the studs and removing the walls. When I replace them, we’ll have tile 5′ up the wall except in the bath which will be completely tiled. 

Materials Ihave already bought will be delivered on Monday, and I expect to get started with the demolition on Monday as well.

One thing I have been  thinking about since I’ll have a rather large tub by comparision, is changing the water heater. I have a 50 gallon gas water heater. I have been thinking about a tankless water heater. They save a good amount of energy because they heat the water as you need it and dont store water like a conventional water heater. Because they heat the water as you need it, you dont run out of hot water. So you can have 3 people take a shower one after the other and have hot wated for all three. They also qualify for a $300 energy tax credit. which cuts their $800 price tag considerably.

 Down side, I dont know if its really all that much savings month to month. So it may not be a urchase qualified by the numbers.

Anyway – I saw this toilet – Hmmm – I gotta wonder how it would work out:


Kinda cool but — Eh, I thiink I’ll go with the Kohler – 

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