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Subtle Forum Spammers


I came across a blog today from blogrush that had a post explaining how to spam forums in a subtle manner. Of course, he called it "promoting", but really its a bit gray hat spamming. I wont link to the blog here as the blog owner doesnt deserve a link.

Basically, what the blog author suggests is that you find 10 or so different forums related to your site. Then register on each of those forums. Then create a signature on each forum which is worded in a subtle fashion. Then make 5-10 posts on each forum daily. Everyone who reads your psots will be exposed to your signature message.

Now, this does work. You will get some traffic from these signature links. But really it is a form of comment spam and not something I recommend doing.

I tend to think this way. How would I feel if it was MY forum that I was doing this on. Now, if you are really contributing to the forum, and your sig link is secondary to your participation on that forum, then that is fine. But if the only reason your on that forum is to promote your site – your a spammer.

Forum owners are used to getting spammed. I have written articles on How to reduce forum spam, and for the most part these methods work, at least for the nokia phone selling kind of spammer. Dont do it. It’s a short lived method of becoming successful on the net. Your reputation as a spammer will keep you from being offered better opportunities. Keep things white hat and above board. Do things right ad you will eventually be rewarded for hard work.


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