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WordPress 2.4 should improve performance


he next WordPress release, version 2.4, should prove to have significantly better performance, especially if you use a WordPress Theme or widgets. WordPress has found a couple of time-wasting bottlenecks in those areas that are now gone. One scenario was burning up 10% of the total page load time. That has now been reduced to a fraction of a percent. That’s a great savings. Wordepress 2.4 has also been tweaked the filter/action system to make it as fast as possible. The filter and action hooks are fired off many times per page load so even little savings add up.

Caching is also getting tweaked in 2.4. So all you bloggers out there can look forward to the next release being a bit better performance wise and easier on your server load.

How about the top ten reasons for using wordpress.

10. WordPress has millions of themes.
Your blog will undoubtedly have something great and unique to bring to the table, why not have a great theme to help you get a even more unique image. Best of all, you can get a theme from a collection hosted by WordPress. Even better, don’t like any themes you have seen or you see one but want to change a few things around? With a little coding knowledge you can edit your theme seamlessly in the WordPress Administration Control Panel(WP-ADMIN).

9. WordPress also has a large database of plugins.
Plugins are another great part of WordPress that give you more control over your blog. You can have plugins that help you post podcasts on WordPress, plugins that deal with AdSense, there are even plugins to add bulletin boards to your WordPress installation! Again, WordPress makes it easy for you to find plugins you might need with their WordPress Plugin Directory.

8. WordPress news is delivered straight to your Administration Panel.
With seven years in the real world equaling one online, it is always important to stay on top of things. WordPress makes this easy by posting select top bloggers posts into your administration panel. These include plugin and theme releases for the day as well as information about upgrades of WordPress.

7.WordPress is used the world over.
Wordpress is used quite often. People from professional base ball players to soccer moms blog everyday about their lives and they can do it easily thanks to WordPress. WordPress is not just for the technologically elite either. According to, 0.8% of the internet is run by WordPress, within a few years that number could be 2-2.5%.

6. Famous bloggers use WordPress.. Everyone from John Chow to I use WordPress. Being flexible is the only way to survive today in the business world. You have to be ready to focus your blogging on a specific issue in a short amount of time if you want to be productive.

5. WordPress is easy to install.
In some cases, you can have your WordPress installation ready to go in as little as five minutes. If you have a host that uses cPanel with Fantastico, your install process is a snap, and you can be blogging in mere seconds. Also, if you ever have any problems installing WordPress Support Forums are open 24/7.

4.You don’t need your own hosting!
It is true! WordPress is availible free from You can post on your blog hosted for free as much as you like, however, it is only a free host. also has a stringent attitude at paid posting, something that can influence your monetization strategy and your writing style.

3.WordPress is simple to maintain.
Day to Day maintenance does not exist! The only thing you have to worry about is upgrading to the newest version, which you should always do. WordPress releases are usually not for minor fixes, but for important security fixes. Therefore, if you wish to keep your blog secure, you should upgrade as soon as possible when WordPress release a new release. The upgrading process is simple and takes even less time than installing your blog!

2. WordPress lets you be yourself.
Whether you want just a single blog or you want to start a blog network you can use WordPress to do it. WordPress has had WordPress MU(WordPress Multi User) availible for FREE for a great while, so you can start your own popular blog network with nothing more than a shared hosting account,a domain name, and an idea.

That’s right you can get one of the most versatile blogging platforms for FREE. Why on Earth would you not use something that could let you express yourself, let you earn some extra cash, and that is FREE. WordPress might have some problems with it, but the pros tremendously outweigh the cons!

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