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Forget about PageRank


I see alot of discussion about Google PageRank on blogs and forums. Especially considering the recent link selling penalties that were applied before christmas. Let me offer one piece of advice.

Forget about PageRank.

I mean it. Take the Google toolbar off your browser and forget about Google Pagerank completely. Pagerank is really nothing more then a manipulation and marketing tool Google uses. It causes people to focus on what Google wants and keeps you focused on Google. Hence, it keeps you from thinking about other search engines.

Instead, focus on things like where a site ranks in the search engines and what kind of traffic it gets. Wanna buy links? Do it. But do it because of traffic, not because of some Google created measure. PageRank is but one of over 100 factors in search engine placement. Why do people worry about it so much?

Advertise on strong sites with good traffic and you’ll be fine. Focus on search engine placement, and Forget about PageRank completely. You’ll be more successful.

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