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Great New Ad Plugin for WordPress


You may notice a new stripe running across the top of this site. That is a new plugin for wordpress called "Stripe Ad" – You can get it at MAXBLOGPRESS for free.

A cool “stripe” appears at the very top of your blog, where you can place text ads. The ad itself is simple, easy to use, and you can have multiple ads rotating according to your needs. As WordPress Plugins goes, Stripe Ad seems to be a pretty well designed and easy to deal with plugin. There are tons of options to control the look and feel of your ads. Installation is also very simple – just download the Plugin, unzip, upload to your WordPress Plugins folder and activate. All the Plugin controls will be located in the WordPress Options section under MBP Stripe Ad.

There is alot you can control as well, such as the size and colors of the ads, how often they are displayed and more. I really like the fact you can rotate ads.

 You can get the plugin at MAXBLOGPRESS for free.


John Chow is already selling ads for $250 a month in this space. He already has 4 sold. $1000 a month in new income for a tiny piece of real estate on your blog. Not bad huh?   I need to start selling ad space here, although I would prefer to get my readership up a bit first.

MaxBlogPress has other plugins available as well such as the MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup, BlogRush Click Maximizer and the Different Posts Per Page plugins.

Take a look.


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