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Ringing in 2007 with a —- thud

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Well, I havent really been posting much – just a few jokes here and there. Holidays are a busy time. SO, I think I’ll catch up a little in this post.

We had our 3rd annual LVC Christmas Party – For those who dont know, LVC is an online car club and forum, We are starting our 4th year. Members all over the country get together now and then for a car show or party. We hold the Chicago area party at Johns Pizza in Addison every year. We had a pretty good time, which we always seem to whenever we get together.

 Had Dave and Chris over for Christmas eve. Dave especially was a little – ‘Merry’ – but vodka will do that to ya.


A few days after Christmas, I cooked a little something special…. Braciole -Poor Jimmy missed out since he couldnt be bothered to come by or even answer his phone that day, but the rest of us really enjoyed it..  

New Years Eve / Day was alot of fun. NOT. Our sewer line backed up and had to be rodded out. I spent New Years Eve keeping the tub drained of sewer water – making sure it didnt overflow.. New Years Day I got to pay a plumber $450 to rod the lines and free the blockages. This also cause a leak to spring in the tub drain, so I had to remove the basement ceiling since it was all full of water. Because of this leak, I have to pull the tub in the main floor bathroom to repair it.

I didnt plan to start remodeling that bath yet, but since I have to tear it half apart, I might as well do it. So later this week you’ll start seeing posts about doing that. Basically, I am going to gut the room and replace everything. New Whirlpool tub, new tile, vanity, sink, toilet, lighting — the works. So look forward to posts abot that coming soon. Here are a few pics of what im starting with. As you can see, it really needs it.


In other news. We lost President Ford and James Brown, Saddam was hanged. Oh, and the Bears got whooped by Green Bay. When will they learn that Grossman sucks.

SO – I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and I wish everyone a prosperous and happy 2007.



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Is Ford killing the Lincoln Town Car?

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With Ford’s Wixom assembly plant – the only source for Lincoln cars over the past half-century – slated for closure in 2007, the assumption was that the Town Car would join its Panther platform brethren at the company’s St. Thomas, Ontario plant. Ford, however, has informed the Canadian Auto Workers union that it should not expect the arrival of Lincoln’s last “traditional” luxury car. Since a move to any other North American plant would require extensive retooling, it’s extremely unlikely that the luxo-barge will continue production at all.

Expect the Town Car to be replaced with the MKS, which will be an AWD unibody sedan based on the same platform that underpins the Ford Five Hundred. Even if such a vehicle is successful at retaining the Town Car’s elderly customer base, those in the livery business are likely wondering where to go now for a full-size body-on-frame luxury car. The Ford Crown Vic and Mercury Marquis are expected to continue production until 2010, after which the future of those big sedans is also in question.

[Source: Automotive News/Autoweek] 

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