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Forget about PageRank

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I see alot of discussion about Google PageRank on blogs and forums. Especially considering the recent link selling penalties that were applied before christmas. Let me offer one piece of advice.

Forget about PageRank.

I mean it. Take the Google toolbar off your browser and forget about Google Pagerank completely. Pagerank is really nothing more then a manipulation and marketing tool Google uses. It causes people to focus on what Google wants and keeps you focused on Google. Hence, it keeps you from thinking about other search engines.

Instead, focus on things like where a site ranks in the search engines and what kind of traffic it gets. Wanna buy links? Do it. But do it because of traffic, not because of some Google created measure. PageRank is but one of over 100 factors in search engine placement. Why do people worry about it so much?

Advertise on strong sites with good traffic and you’ll be fine. Focus on search engine placement, and Forget about PageRank completely. You’ll be more successful.

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Your Blog Sucks and I Got 20 Reasons To Back It Up

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I ran across a blog today, I found this blog to be quite interesting and informative.

I found them because of their recent post, Your Blog Sucks and I Got 20 Reasons To Back It Up

I would like to take each of their 20 reasons a bit further.

Your Blog Sucks When…

You have more ads, banners, and/or widgets than you have words that you have written.

This is a common problem. Too many ads for too many things with no focus. I personally wont place an ad unless I think it is beneficial to the readers. I also see this in forums alot, especially among new forum owners. I am sometimes guilty of this though myself. Sometimes, I am trying out a new ad system and have to populate it with something. (hence the Ad Stripe I posted about the other day)

Your blog’s color scheme hurts the eyes. Literally.

I have had a few say that about this blog, but really, to me, this refers to blogs where the text is light and the background is dark. I specifically did not do that here so as to make the content easy to read. That said, many people opt for something that looks "Cool"; 9 times out of 10 I find "Cool" looks terrible, especially after a few minutes.

Your last post was written 3 weeks ago.

Yes, this is a biggie. If you want people to come back frequently, then you need to post frequently.

Your blog only has one reader everyday: yourself.

HA – I fear this one myself.

Your blog does not offer RSS or email subscriptions.

These are very important things to offer (which is why I offer both). Most importantly, it reminds people about the existance of your site. This is a great lesson for forum owners as well. eMail your members from time to time. You’ll find more come by to post on your forum if you do.

You blog about making money online, but you have never made a cent.

This is a great one. There seem to be more and more experts out there every day. I see this alot with vBulletin webmaster forums. For awhile it seemed as if there was a new one popping up every week. Its the same with forums that tell you how to make money. I always tell people, I make a good living on the internet, but there is alot I dont do and want to learn about that. Part of what I hope I can do is share what I learn with the readers of my blog.

You waste hours putting random ads everywhere instead of writing content.

Yup. Even I have been guilty of this. It is an easy trap to fall into. I have since learned to better focus my time. I’m not perfect by any means, but I am improving. You too should try to focus on building content. I have ad spots I havent even bothered to fill yet. I dont even know if I plan to do so, I may just put something else in those places.

Your content is poorly written with bad grammar and spelling.

Short of normal typos, which I am certainly guilty of, I dont see this too much unless the blog is written by someone for whom english isnt their first language. That said. Try to write intelligently.

Your blog has no visuals that appeals to the readers.

I couldnt agree more. (hence why I posted the photos of my Tee Shirt Model – hee hee) This DOES NOT MEAN you should fill every post with 20 images. But post appropriate graphs and/or illustrations.

Your blog is not usable at all.

I a not sure what they meant by this one. Perhaps they mean blogs where most of the functions dont work and there is a script error message across the top all the time. You cant have much credibility with your readers if you cant even get your blog to function correctly.

Your blog does not link out to any other.

Let me expand on this. Your blog does not link out to any other OR you only link to your friends. People are too stingy with links IMO. How many people link out to bloggers such as Shoemoney or John Chow or a number of others – now go look at who they link to. DOnt be stingy. If you find a blog or website that you like and think your readers would like, share it. (kinda like I am doing in this post)

Your blog and its content is not search engine optimized.

Well, this is a good thing to do, but I wouldnt say your blog sucks if itsnt SEO’d. I gotta disagree wtih them on this one.

Your blog has no information about how to contact you (or who you even are).

I am half guilty on this one. I stil need to creat an About Joeychgo page. BUT the Contact Joeychgo page works just fine!

You do not have a statistic/analysis meter.

I have several, but I think they were reaching on this one.

You don’t network with other bloggers.

This is hard to do. But you can also see the "Your blog does not link out to any other" line above.

Your blog is not using permalinks.

I think they were reaching on this one.

Your blog has no focal point whatsoever.

Hmmm— Not sure what the mean on this one.

Your blog’s home page has no comments in any of the posts.

Uh, every post doesnt get commented on, and doesnt necessarily get commented on fast enough to be on the homepage.

You don’t do anything to promote you and your blog.

I gotta go along with this one. I am often amazed by people who think that "if they build it, readers will come". You have to promote and promote often and continously.

You put no effort into blogging.

Yup, I gotta go here too. WHy bother if your not putting any time or effort into your blog?  Stop cluttering up the internet. 🙂


Meander on over to and take a look. They have alot of good content and articles.

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